/ facilitator

/ project lead

'itous' (2018) is a community dance project that took part from the 16th - 20th July 2018 at Dance4 in Nottingham.

It was supported by Rural Media.

Throughout the project Danni acts as a lead facilitator, as she helps create and maintain a safe space for creativity to take place.

'itous' primarily focuses on queer identity, but can be adjusted to fit different groups of people. It's main focus is creating a safe space for conversation to take place and exploration to have time and validation.

The structure of 'itous' allows a minimum of four days of creation and one day of rehearsals/informal sharing.

'itous' is available to be workshopped within schools, communities and organisations. 

'itous' process video
Videography by Lucie Rachel

photography by Michael Sleet